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Our Predictive and Scalable Software Solutions paired with Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Drones ensure you never have to worry about a crisis, and you always get notified about everything going on in your production unit.

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Our pre-vetted and diverse expertise can help you unlock your true potential for all segments of Oil and Gas Industry


With years of experience, Canopus Infosystems can help you uniquely transform your Upstream value chain and create improved business outcomes.



Our strong and pre-vetted mainstream services help companies to minimize risks by leveraging advanced analytics and latest digital capabilities



Canopus Infosystems' expertise in Business Intelligence and 360 customer analytics solutions can help business make informed decisions and enhance growth rate


Operational Management

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence 

Advanced analytics solutions to extract valuable insights from operational data.
Predictive analysis and reporting for proactive maintenance and resource optimization.
360-degree analytics to improve operational efficiency, overall productivity and profitability

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine Learning Models to Improve Everyday Automations and Operations
Integrating Generative AI to enhance customer engagement and automating common communications
Integrating AI in Surveillance systems to keep you notified of errors and potential risks 

Cloud Transformation and Implementation

Helps in reforming your fields overall digital data infrastructure by utilizing cloud computing the right way.
Leading cloud computing efforts to promote data centralization for exponential business growth.
Enabling organizations to adapt connected operations using providers such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud.

ETRM System

ETRM Systems

Our custom-tailored ETRM solutions ensure all your requirements are taken care of and your software makes energy trading and field management easier

AI Integrations and Field Automation

AI Integrations and Field Automation

Enhance your existing software or get one custom-made with AI integrations that can help you automate processes and alert you of any anomalies in the plant to minimize risks and damage.

Risk Compliance and HSE

Risk Compliance and

Implementing AI-based IoT solutions for the prevention of unexpected incidents as well as reactive monitoring of performance to improve overall growth

Pipeline Integrity and Leak Detection Solutions

Pipeline Integrity and Leak Detection Solutions

Implementing Software Solutions that can help you use cameras and sensors to help you predict leaks and maintain pipeline integrity

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With years of experience, we can help you uniquely transform your Upstream value chain and create improved business outcomes. In upstream, efficient data management is crucial. Our services encompass a wide array of solutions from product customization and implementation to data transfer, validation, and integration, we streamline processes to enhance productivity and decision-making. Our expertise also extends to-

  • Business intelligence and data warehousing, ensuring that valuable insights are readily accessible. Moreover, data loading and quality control are paramount in upstream activities, covering various domains such as drilling, process, GIS, seismic, and borehole data.
  • To monitor assets and related anomalies, cost monitoring, event review and analysis, and remediation planning we offer expertise in production surveillance
  • Our intelligent oil field solutions encompass E&P data management, IT/OT integrations, construction methodologies, and capital project management enabling seamless operations and optimized performance.
  • Our OCR & Document management services facilitate efficient document control and information management, along with imaging, content, and process management, ensuring compliance and streamlined workflows in record management.


Our strong and pre-vetted midstream services help companies minimize risks by leveraging advanced analytics and the latest digital capabilities-

  • For efficient asset information management and business transformation, our services cater to infrastructure management, predictive maintenance, and implementing digital strategy. To ensure streamlined operations and enhanced productivity, we also specialize in process automation advancements.
  • For pipeline integrity and leak detection, we offer solutions in scheduler & data management, advanced visualization for corrosion monitoring, remote pipeline monitoring & surveillance, pipeline inline inspections, and failure prediction, ensuring the safety and integrity of the pipeline network.
  • In trading applications development and analytics, we provide services for compliance reporting, forecasting & decision dashboards, and application support & maintenance. These solutions enable midstream companies to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and ensure regulatory compliance.


Canopus Infosystems expertise in Business Intelligence and 360 customer analytics solutions can help businesses make informed decisions and enhance growth rates. In the downstream sector,

  • To enhance operational efficiency, and enable better decision-making processes, our solutions focus on digital plant operations and management including ERP evaluations and implementations, integrated asset management & analytics, and industrial mobility solutions.
  • For streamlined supply chain operations, we specialize in optimizing activities such as covering supply chain planning and execution, operations and settlement, reporting, and analytics, leading to cost savings and improved customer service.
  • For managing retail operations efficiently and improving profitability, we offer digital application management for fuel business, customer experience management, distributor management, Performance Management Consulting, and Reward Program Design.

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We help you integrate technologies into your Oil and Gas production unit or services to ensure smooth operations and no maintenance downtime. Incorporating our advanced analytics and Software solutions can help you reduce costs, deliver more energy options, and provide more customer satisfaction.

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Connect With Us to Build a Safer, More Sustainable, and Safe Energy Resource Business with Advanced Analytics and Software Solutions

We dedicatedly aspire to be your partner in creating an energy resource business capable of revolutionizing the entire Oil and Gas Industry. Our expertise in advanced technologies and experience in the energy industry makes us the top choice if you’re looking for long-term collaborations.

Skilled and Reliable Resources with up to 15+ Years of Exp.

Skilled and Reliable Resources with up to 15+ Years of Exp.

Transparency at all stages of Production and Maintenance

Transparency at all stages of Production and Maintenance

All Major and Emerging Technologies catered

All Major and
Technologies catered

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