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Customer Details: 

The client to which the services are given to is a UAE-based Petrochemical plant who is a prominent player in the Oil and Gas industry supplying petrol and by products from unconventional reserves across the 7 major Asian countries.


The oil and gas fields require aligning operations at all stages of production, including managing complex operations, and a huge staff with varying expertise. This includes managing warehouse operations, which is one of the most complex tasks and you need to stay informed of the happenings at all times. This led to the companies facing following challenges 

  • Disconnected systems and manual processes were preventing the company from being fully productive. 
  • Encouraging all employees, with diverse skill sets, to accept a new software and process. 
  • Having a dynamic application that’s restricted to a single person/device.  
  • A number of people engaged in managing warehouse leading to excess cost.  

We Helped an UAE based Petrochemical Plant to Automate Warehouse Operations and save more than 40% of their time

At Canopus infosystems, we have already seen similar challenges with other clients and quickly decided to opt for a cloud-based ERP. But making sure the portal is acceptable to everyone involved in warehouse operations, was a challenge even for the designers because most workers involved were of traditional mindset.  

We started by creating a unique interface and these features helped us to become accepted across the field and automate operations that helped to save more than 40% of operational time  

  • Started by installing, configuring, integrating and testing the SAP, EWM, and RFID systems in warehouses. 
  • Created a portal’s architecture easy to scale seamlessly by leveraging cloud-based infrastructure. 
  • Implemented data encryption, access controls, and field surveillance mechanisms with regular optimization assessments and application maintenance. 
  • Prioritized user experience (UX) design and offered clear navigation and intuitive interfaces to make it easily accessible for all audiences. 



Implementing an automated warehouse management portal helped the company to reduce its operational time by 40%. The software achieved instant acceptance amongst the entire unit and was easily accessible to everyone because of its super simplified UI. The improved reporting and data visualization helped to make informed decisions, improve productivity, and reduce management workforce and time.  

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