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We Understand Your Industrial Needs and Can Help You Face Your Most Unique Challenges  

Every industry is different, and so are the challenges faced by them. At Canopus Infosystems, our professionals have an in-depth understanding of software development and data analytics across industries and ensure you solve even the most unexpected and challenging situations.
This gives you a choice between an IT Vendor who knows tech or a technology partner who can help you speed up growth. Our expertise combined with 15+ years of experience in Data Analytics and BI across industries can help you be future ready.


Manage resources effectively and manage production units to work without fail with advanced analytics, AI integrations, and Drone software solutions


Reimagine interactions with customers and connect using AI and ML models trained as per your target requirements.

Aviation and Defense

Bring together the capabilities to enhance how A&D designs, engineers, manufacture, and service such complex machinery 

Banking and FinTech

Reduce Costs of maintenance, manage risks, and meet customer’s digital expectations with our security compliant finance solutions 

E-Commerce, and Retail

Redesign the entire user experience and create an interactive selling journey for your customers


Ease up your supervision and increase your produce exponentially using modern analytics and Drones-based solutions 

Hospitality and Travel

Reach new potential customers and create a seamless travel plan journey to improve your business ROI 

Life Sciences & HealthTech

Manage your healthcare applications and ease up your workflow to manage patients easier and faster


Manage inventories, automate tracking processes, and create accessible VMS paired up with BI and advanced analytics


Fasten up your production units and avoid unexpected machine failures and downtime with advanced image detection solutions 

Public Sector

Helping governments and public sector organizations to ease up data management and digital transformation


Automate customer management and visualize data efficiently to make informed decisions 

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We Believe in No Restriction to Access Technology

We aim to reimagine the future where technology is a part of our daily lives, and everyone can have access to implementing tech for their business. The size of your business should never be a restricting factor when it comes to being future-ready. 

Our goal is to create data-oriented analytical businesses with low to almost no scope for random errors and decision-making. 



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Small Scale Enterprises

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Fortune 500 Companies

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