Telecommunications Service Providers operate in a highly competitive market that requires bringing innovative services to market faster and maintaining robust service processes while reducing cost and complexity.

Medical & Healthcare

Health care is an extremely diverse industry. It primarily includes institutions and practitioners that offer services for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of injury, illness, disease, and other physical


A drone is a Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV) or we can say a flying Robot. This emerging technology leads us to many of the use cases that are implemented in terms of Internet of Things (IOT)

iBeacons & Eddystone

Trending ibeacons technology connects the physical and digital world though the proximity and location Beacons pops up messages to attract the consumers within the specific distance range by sending

IoT Internet of Things

Today almost everything is getting connected through the Internet. Soon all types of devices, such as houses, cars, phones, lights and refrigerators will be able to communicate with each other.

Logistics & Distribution

Logistics sector companies are constantly seeking new ways to increase output and streamline costs. Canopus is a company that helps Logistics organizations to meet the challenges in manufacturing

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Banking, Finance and Insurance Service in terms of technology are trending now a day by Banking and Insurance sectors to reduce the manual boost in providing services

Wearable Devices, Smartwatch, iWatch

Wearable technology or wearable are smart electronic devices used to track the activities contributing to Internet of things. Canopus contributes in creating

Cloud Computing & Transformation

Cloud computing is generally an on demand service provided over interment to share the computer resources and data to different remote devices.To address the various on demand

Travel, Transportation & Hospitality

In past some years we have seen a major change in travel and tourism industry and that is all possible with the Mobile app developed based on the requirements like taxi booking,


Retailing is becoming quiet easier to the business owners by providing it online as it enhances users experience and also help to attract the customers rather than working hard for customers in the physical stores.

BYOD & Enterprise Mobility

Canopus contributing in delivering the enterprise mobility solution that provide a smooth connectivity and also addressing security and performance concerns in terms of battery optimization.

Mobile Payments & Wallet

Digital wallets are being a great success in near future for every one and Canopus assures you to offer a wallet, beneficial for consumers and vendors and helping you to integrate technology


In education sector the e-learning, education and classroom management applications are trending now a days with the evolving technologies. Apps are turning into the learning tools as a digital

Public Sector

The trending Mobility in Public Sector for the consumers in terms of providing services like social housing, plumbing, repair and services, domiciliary care, community welfare services and many more that are useful

Hardware Integration

In today’s world every consumer would like to experience an automated way to control the hardware devices. Mobile apps integrated with the Hardware gives you a unique experience by changing the