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Customer Details: 

The project was an AI Vision model created for integration into the Operational Management system of one of the fastest-growing oil refineries across the globe. The refinery manages thousands of litres of crude oil on a daily basis processing it via Separation, Conversion, Treatment.

The company is one of the world’s leading distributors of engine oils and waxes across 7 major countries.


The team reached out to us with the vision of automating the inspection system using hyperspectral cameras in refining systems and drones imaging sensors on the field to reduce inspection time to minimum and increase productivity with very low to no risk factors. 

The challenge was to integrate everything in a single oftware while maintaining the usage speed and ease of accessibility for all audiences. Here’re the major challenges faced by the team 

  • Choosing the right cloud resource to optimize costs and support all functionalities
  • Optimizing the code to minimize the resource consumption
  • Integrating all sensors to communicate efficiently with the application

Our Team Helped an Oil Refinery to Grow by Automating Inspection Process to Reduce Time Taken in Asset and Operational Management .

Managing an oil refinery is no easy task. It requires you to manage a team of at least 500 people at different stages of production. A number of assets must be recorded in sync with managing the risks in complex pipeline systems and machinery.  Along with these having a system in place that can avoid refining risks and avoid loss of resources in real time is something any growing oil field would invest in since it saves them from oil spills, production delays, and micromanagement.

The client came to us with similar challenges and a cloud-based portal in mind to create a unified system that can help them automate mid-stream processes and create a risk alert system using existing surveillance feed and multi-spectral sensors. To which We came up with a cloud-based portal with 2 AI models for leak detection and risk surveillance. The platform was capable of being used on multiple devices and the UI was simple enough for all stakeholders to use.



We’re able to help our clients to achieve their target goals. They’re able to easily manage all assets and operations on the go. The software tailored for them took care of the user experience of everyone at all levels of management and production. The automations implemented helped them cut short their inspection time in half and the alert system implemented helped them focus on different activities without worrying about constantly looking for leaks and risks. 

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