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Customer Details: 

A renowned oil and gas company that was a prominent player in the market recognized that it was essential to have a robust and centralized solution to manage its extensive portfolio of assets on a daily basis.


With the company’s assets spread across various locations, the data created across the organization was scattered and there was an undeniable need to streamline data management. It’s required to not only improve accessibility but also enhance the overall decision-making process. 

Our Asset Information Management System Helped a Prominent Player in Oil and Industry to streamline data accessibility and improve overall decision-making

The Client chose Canopus Infosystems as a technology partner to conceptualize, develop, and maintain a cutting-edge Asset Information Management System (AIMS) tailored to their unique needs. The system was designed to seamlessly integrate data from their sources spread across the field, including exploration, drilling, production, maintenance, and environmental monitoring to help them visualize it better and have a smooth decision-making process. 

The system was indeed complex but implementing it was not confusing as requirements were super clear and here’re the features that made it a perfect fit for the client 

  • Centralized Data Repository: The system was built around a single repository for all asset-related data, facilitating easy access to critical information such as equipment specifications, maintenance records, regulatory compliance data, etc 
  • Integrated Visualization: The system offered advanced visualization tools, including 2D and 3D representations of assets, to enable users to interact with and analyze data effectively. 
  • Real-time Monitoring: The final software was integrated with various IoT devices, cameras, and hyperspectral sensors, allowing real-time monitoring of the equipment’s performance, environmental factors, and operational conditions.  
  • Predictive Analytics: Advanced Machine learning algorithms were implemented to analyze historical data and offer predictive insights into equipment maintenance needs and potential failures.
  • User-friendly Interface: The system featured an intuitive user interface that enabled users at various levels to access relevant asset data, generate reports, and make informed decisions.  



A cutting-edge Asset Information Management System (AIMS) helped the client to be informed about the data from all sources including exploration, drilling, production, maintenance, and environmental monitoring and achieve following goals 

  • Better Data Accessibility 
  • Streamline Data Process  
  • More Informed Decision Making 
  • Enhanced the end-user experience  

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