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Customer Details: 

The project was created for one of the biggest Semi-Government Oil Field in Middle East, Asia. The client was one of the biggest oil fields in the world exploring, drilling, and producing petroleum products from the largest crude oil reserves.


The team reached out to us with one of the most recurring problems in the Oil and Gas industry, which is the time consumed in managing large amount of data from various sources in the field.  

The challenge was to create a unified system which can make it easier to visualize data from all sources and is easy to use for all stakeholders. Here’re the major challenges faced  

  • Data fragmentation was the major challenge, which resulted in delays in data access, inconsistent reporting, and cross-functional collaboration challenges. 
  • Looking for opportunities to optimize production processes, reduce costs, and improve margins while adhering to safety regulations.  
  • It was complex managing such a wide range of assets, including drilling rigs, oil bores, and refining facilities. 

Our Team Helped an Oil Exploration Company to streamline decision-making

Managing assets in such complex oil units is complicated and all stakeholders are equally responsible for managing energy resources irrespective of ranks, since any slight error can cause a lot of disastrous situations if not taken care of responsibly. Thus, having an intelligent field analytics system is no longer optional. 

Here’re some unique features of the platform we created for them 

  • Data Integration: Developing a unified and comprehensive data warehouse that connects the drilling sensors, production databases, and financial systems to optimize efficiency and productivity. 
  • Collaboration: Integrating Chat feature with the option to create communities helped teams collaborate and work together in sync and keep all members informed about the happenings in the field 
  • Custom Dashboards: BI tools were used to create custom dashboards for real-time tracking of production rates, drilling activities, equipment status, and financial performance. 
  • Predictive Analytics: Using machine learning algorithms, predictive analytics is used to predict what asset maintenance is required and maximize its lifespan. 



The integration of Tableau’s business intelligence platform revolutionized Oil Field’s data utilization and with the transformative potential of Tableau in consolidating complex data, driving operational excellence, and fostering a culture of data-driven innovation, the client was able to achieve Operational Efficiency, Cost Savings, and Competitive Advantage through Insights. They claim to have improved productivity by up to 300% in the past 2 years. 

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