AI Chatbot Automation for a US-Based Petrochemical Supplier


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Customer Details: 

The client was a petrochemical supplier from the US supplying petroleum products, including olefins and aromatic products, in 19 major States of the United States. The company supplied products from 4 major unconventional and conventional extraction units across the US and Canada and was one of the best sellers of Olefins and Petroleum in the country


The oil and gas supplier was facing a lot of challenges with customer experience and inquiry response time along with the mentioned issues 

  • Responding to outages and planned changes to services, along with handling incidents and service requests. 
  • Employees rely on traditional channels to communicate with the IT service desk. This results in a complex and inefficient customer experience 
  • We figured, there is no interactive content, no knowledge base, and no self-help capability on the IT self-service portal. 

We Helped A US-Based Petrochemical Supplier to improve customer support and cut response time in less than half

At Canopus infosystems, we have already seen similar challenges with other clients in different industries and opted for a chatbot support systems that can deal with basic and recurring inquiries. But it’s still confusing if it would be a great choice in Oil and Gas industry. We collaborated with the team to research on the same and decided on moving forward with an AI Chatbot automation. 

We started by creating an AI based support model with vast amount of data made available by the team and integrated is the clients existing ERP portal. 



Implementing an AI Based chatbot support system in existing ERP helped the client achieve following goals 

  • enhanced the end-user experience and increased productivity with a quicker issue resolution. 
  • More than 53% of the queries handled via virtual assistants were fully resolved 
  • Let to 20% increase in qualified leads 

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