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Gain a better understanding of your business that spans
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Data Analytics

Canopus provides data ingestion, data processing, cleansing, visualization dashboard and analytics solutions. We are experts in BI tools such as Tableau, PowerBI and Datorama.

Why Canopus for Business Intelligence Services?

15+ Years in Data Analytics
Business Intelligence
12+ Years in Business Intelligence
Analytics Projects
90+ BI and Analytics Projects
Analytics Professionals
50+ BI & Analytics Professionals
Certified with Data Security
Certified with Data Security & Compliance
Data Security Implementation
Data Security Implementation
Data Governance
Data Governance
Mission Critical BI Applications
Mission Critical BI Applications

Our Services

BI Consulting

BI Consulting

Make informed decisions with our large array of BI services.
Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Enabling business leaders to get a better perspective with data using various data visualization tools.
Enterprise Data Warehouse

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Bringing your multisource data together with advaced Data Warehouse development services.
Data Migration

Data Migration

We provide end to end services to migrate data across different business platforms.
Data Governance

Data Governance

Know how organization data is accessed, consumed and shared.
Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

Leverage our industry expertise to enable constant ongoing support for your data platforms.

Featured Case Studies

Data Vs Information: The Ultimate Guide
Data Vs Information: The Ultimate Guide
Data and information are interchangeable terms often used, but they have different meanings. Data is the collection of raw facts and figures that are processed to create information. Information is the collection of data organised in a particular way that carries some meaning. Organising both data and information is necessary for effective decision-making. Information has meaning via interpreting the data, whereas data have no specific purpose.
Business Intelligence VS Data Analytics: What to Choose?
Business Intelligence VS Data Analytics: What to Choose?
Hey there! Are you fascinated by the world of data and technology and the impact they have on decision-making in organisations? Then you're in the right place! Today, we're going to dive into the exciting world of Business Intelligence and the crucial role of Data Analysts.
How Data Analysis Helps to Track Business Growth?
How Data Analysis Helps to Track Business Growth?
Data Analysis is the process of evaluating the raw data to obtain information from it. To exact the data, they use analytical and statistical tools. Also, data analysis plays a major role in every organisation to identify the problem they face. Along with that, they also analyse and explore the data in a meaningful way.

BI & Analytics Tools We Leverage



Google Data Studio

Amazon Quicksight


We Understand The Challenges Faced By Stakeholders of Any Business.

Visibillity across Organization

Poor decision-making due to a lack of actionable

Need to improve operational

Availability of Real-time data and Ad-hoc reporting

Identification of pain points across LOBs

Wherever you are at your Data Strategy -
BI & Data Analytics Solutions
from Canopus Comes to Rescue

4 Typical Situations
Of Modern-Day

Outdated Setup

Need a Team to Implement the Solution

Poor Implementation of data platforms

Looking for Experts to take up the entire planning and setup

Our Data Analytics Approach

1. Discover

We work with you to gain clarity on your data analytics needs, defining clear business outcomes to set up a successful enagement.

2. Elaborate

We determine the best solution for your needs and align our team to fill your skill and resource gaps.

3. Build

Our team assesses and develops a data analytics plan and strategy, executing against our processes.

4. Operate

We deliver and implement the proposed solution, evaluating the data analysis results to ensure we’re meeting your needs.

What You Get from Us

Some BI and analytics deliverables can border on the abstract with some providers. Canopus has concrete deliverables that ensure our clients know exactly where the data is coming from, how it will be delivered and displayed, and precisely how to act on it.
In all cases, Canopus will help you define your analytics journey and then create the platform and tools that support each step in that journey.

Target personas

Target personas

Define the roles for a business
area, within a targeted domain

Target personas

Define the questions

Define the critical questions to
answer that drive all further work

Target personas

Define the
business model

Define the facts and definitions
(dimensions) that surround those facts. List always in business semantics

Target personas

Define Facts

Define the roles for a business
area, within a targeted domain

Target personas

Define dimensions

Define the roles for a business
area, within a targeted domain

Target personas

Create semantic layer

Create semantic layer that maps
from your sources to the data warehouse for enabling presentation layer.

Target personas

Create presentation layer

Create presentation layer for
targeted persona’s that answer defined questions

Target personas

Validate against

Validate story from presentation
layer against targeted personas and questions. Refine as needed.

Target personas

Deploy to users

Deploy presentation layer
deliverables that relate to targeted personas and business questions.

Target personas

Training and support

Post deployment training for end users.

Industries We Have Been Helping

Retail and eCommerce








Let Canopus assess where you are in your

BI & Data Analytics journey

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