We Implemented an Automated Enrolment System for a Leading Healthcare Provider


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Customer Details: 

The client is one of the fastest growing healthcare aid and hospital chains across Illinois, United States offering the most affordable yet quality healthcare services. The client was looking for digital solutions to improve direct interactions with potential customers across channels and minimize expenses due to the number of brokers and the excessive number of employees. 


There were several obstacles faced by the client as a result of the manual enrolment process, including fragmentation, increased reliance on paper-based forms, intricacy, and potential risks of errors. Due to the nature of the error in group setup and enrolment, around 20 percent of all calls will be aimed at resolving issues arising from an error in the procedure during setup. 


We Implemented an Automated Patient Enrolment System for One of the Fastest Growing Home Healthcare Provider and Hospital Chain

At Canopus Infosystems, we’ve already worked on quite a good number of automation projects over the years. And we’ve been a part of the healthcare industry for the last 9 years, which made it a little less complicated to work on this automation system. 

We leveraged the pre-existing IBM Leads and IBM Campaigns to transform the client’s enrolment process and created a simplified web-oriented dashboard that can annihilate all inconsistencies. The dashboard was packed with the below-mentioned features   

  • Automated straight-through processes using real-time connectivity with FACETS (Fault Assisted Circuits for Electronic Training)  
  • Help them Embrace new technologies by retiring legacy applications  
  • 75% of all functionalities are delivered out of the box, improving self-service and digital experience 



The collaboration between the client and Canopus Infosystems led to the achievement of patient-centric established operations, noteworthy growth in NPS, better enrolment precision, and lowered enrolment time. These are some of the achievements our collaborative hard work and expertise helped the client achieve 

  • Automated 99% of transactions with a 99% data accuracy   
  • Reduced overall enrolment costs by 50% 
  • Saved 60% of management costs by direct processing   
  • Increased NPS by 15%    

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