We Helped a Local Clothing Brand to Reach the Global Market and Make 170% Profit


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Here’s a brief account of how we helped a local clothing brand with no web presence to reach a global audience with a custom e-commerce web store and exceptional internet marketing expertise.


The client shared a post about how her business is stuck and has not made any growth in the last 7 years. The profit is stuck, and the business outreach is lowered by the day. The sales team reached out to her and she decided to choose Canopus Infosystems as a Marketing Partner, and we started working to build an online presence, brand reputation, and outreach plan.

At Canopus infosystems, we have already seen similar challenges with other clients and quickly decided to opt for the following planning

  • Social Media Rebranding
  • Guest Blogs and Influencers Outreach
  • Web On-page Optimizations
  • Social Media Ads


We started working on building an online presence for the brand globally by implementing basic business listings and a unique automated online e-commerce store with an admin console to take care of orders and inventory management.

Here’s how our solutions helped her

  • Rebranding Social Media improved social outreach and not only grabbed attention but also helped to improve ‘organic social’ traffic by 120%  
  • Collaborated with Influencers to create social campaigns that build trust  
  • Automated chat processes and recommendations in the online e-commerce store  
  • Improved brand reputation and outreach with social ads and managed a media budget of $1,200 per week  


In less than a year, the client informed us about the exceptional outcomes they’ve achieved by partnering with us

  • 77% increase in online store sessions  
  • 76.1% increase in profit  
  • 85%. increase in returning customer rate 

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