Gone are the days when you needed to wait endlessly for your to-and-fro needs. The transportation industry has undergone a major change, offering people a convenient and seamless way to travel. In just a few clicks one can now book rides and receive services at their doorsteps. These ride-hailing apps are serving as an efficient and reliable alternative to traditional transportation methods.   

These apps have not only made ride-hailing Hussle-free, but passengers no longer need to be worried about overcharging as these ride-hailing apps offer fare estimates in advance and additionally with real-time tracking of the vehicle.   

These apps have paved the way by offering a wholesome and effortless experience to passengers by inculcating innovative features. Let’s check what features are must-haves for both passengers and drivers-  

Must-Have Features of Ride-Hailing Apps for Passengers-  

User-Friendly Interface for Easy Ride Booking 

An idle ride-hailing app has an easy interface that allows passengers to navigate and book rides easily with the bare minimum effort. Passengers can book rides by finding easily available “Pick up” and “Drop” features.  

Flexible Payment Options  

The payment gateway is one of the important features to boost user experience. To cater to diverse customer preferences, the app must offer multiple payment options including cash, mobile wallet, and credit/debit card

Real-Time Ride Tracking  

Unlike traditional taxis, where riders can’t track the vehicle and when the driver will reach the pickup location. The ride-hailing apps nowadays allow tracking of the assigned vehicle in real-time by leveraging GPS tracking, providing transparency and peace of mind.  

Access to Drivers Details  

To avoid confusion and to ensure that users are getting into the correct vehicle and with the right driver, the app must provide passengers with the driver’s details such as name, image, contact number, and vehicle details before the ride.  

In-app Messaging and Calls Feature  

A communication feature that allows passengers to communicate with drivers via calls or messages is crucial for conveying specific requests and instructions. For instance, passengers can instruct drivers in situations when drivers can’t find the needed locations. Passengers can guide drivers based on their location on the in-app map.  

Ride Cost/Fare Estimation  

Providing an estimated fare for different vehicle types such as a bike, car, or premium vehicle before booking a ride, gives passengers an idea of the cost involved. Based on this, passengers can make a confident decision as well as ensure transparency.  

Easy Ride Cancellation or Rescheduling Option  

Plans can be changed in the blink of an eye. That is why the option for easy ride cancellation or rescheduling is crucial. With such flexible options, passengers can manage their travel plans effortlessly, ensuring a hassle-free experience.  

Push Notifications  

Push notifications are a great way to keep passengers informed regarding the status of the ride in real time. Whether it’s a confirming ride, an alert on the driver arriving or any changes to the ride, push notifications ensure that passengers stay informed at every step of the way.  

Driver Ratings and Reviews  

To ensure a safe and pleasant experience, the application must offer a feature to rate drivers based on their performance. Such reviews indicate drivers who deliver the best experience and those who should improve the services provided 

Must-Have Features of Ride-Hailing Apps for Drivers- 

Contact Passengers 

E-taxis must provide direct communication means to contact passengers for any clarification or sharing updates. This is a great way to address immediate concerns and ensure enhanced services.   

Navigation Assistance  

In-built navigation support, integrated with geolocation or map services, can help drivers opt for the most efficient and fastest routes, thereby uniquely accelerating automation in mobile apps. This ensures that travel time is minimized by avoiding traffic and thus improving overall service efficiency. 

Accept or Reject Request  

Occasionally it may be a case that drivers receive requests that make them travel long distances to pick the passenger, which can be time-consuming affecting both drivers and passengers. In such a case they must have the option to reject requests and to choose rides that are more convenient and closer to their current location.

Push Notifications  

For hassle-free ride booking experiences from both sides, push notifications send real-time updates to ride-hailing drivers regarding ride requests, ride cancel requests, and important information from the platform, ensuring they stay informed and can respond promptly.  

Trip Information  

Knowing the details of the trip beforehand facilitates efficiently planning the route and navigating to the pickup location and destination. This allows ride-hailing drivers to be aware of potential challenges such as traffic or road closures.   

Earnings Tracking  

To help drivers manage their finances better and allow them to track earnings, ride-hailing apps must provide the earnings and associated tips, and bonuses at one place. The app must allow to application a filter to view daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly earnings. 

Driver Reward Programs  

Offering rewards and incentives to drivers for offering quality service, such as high ratings, completing of certain number of trips, or driving during rush hours, will help motivate them to continue maintaining high standards 

Flexible Payment Options

The in-app feature must offer various payment methods to receive their earnings, including digital wallets, cash, and bank transfers providing convenience and flexibility.  

Daily summary report of the Work  

The app should have a feature that can send daily reports to drivers regarding their work to help them improve their income in the future. The details of the report could include the number of working hours, earnings per day, distance traveled, total fares earned, and so on.  

Final Words  

As per Statista, in terms of user numbers, the Ride-hailing market is expected to see a significant increase, with the number of users projected to reach 1.97 billion users by 2028. The reason for the continued demand for ride-sharing apps stems from the convenience of booking in a fraction of the time.   

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