Today, two of the strongest pillars are transforming the way businesses operate. No brownie points for guessing, it’s none other than Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing.

The Cloud Computing market is expected to reach an estimated 679 billion U.S. dollars by 2024 as there has been an ever-growing demand for organizations to migrate their data to the cloud and adopt cloud applications for their business operations. While the wonders of AI are not hidden anymore, it’s like a magic wand that empowers an organization’s decision-making processes by automating various regular and complex tasks.

The ideal match of AI and Cloud Computing can be wondrous and instead of seeing them as two different technologies, integrating both can help businesses grow by leaps and bounds with their automation power.

If organizations want to reap the benefits of AI, then integration of cloud solutions can help to leverage the benefits of AI better.

Cloud computing is already becoming a first choice for businesses and as per reports, more than 70% of companies get their AI capabilities through cloud-based software. Cloud computing allows AI products to be accessed globally, facilitating users to utilize AI services virtually.

Let’s break down what benefits AI can offer to your business if you have already employed cloud services in your operations-

Unmatched Scalability

The adoption of cloud services offers huge scalable options, whenever data grows cloud services ensure that you never hit a capacity limit. This scalability option aligns well with AI capabilities and meets the computational demands of AI applications, thus facilitating uninterrupted services and increased user experience.

Boosts Productivity

Cloud services have already emerged as a transformative force to boost productivity. On top of that, integrating artificial intelligence acts as a catalyst for enhanced productivity. With machine learning algorithms, by analyzing past data, it can predict trends and thus identify customer preferences. It helps in aligning the marketing efforts accordingly and boosts productivity.

Improved Data Management

AI-powered data management tools can help draw better insights by automating various data management activities such as data cleansing, classification to data security. Today industries need to analyze data in real-time, and AI enables real-time data processing by its ability to analyze data rapidly. It is particularly beneficial to healthcare and IoT industries.

Better and Increased Security

Reputable cloud providers already implement strict data security measures, including data encryption, and accessing rights to restricted users. Integration of AI can further boost data governance measures and restore the confidence of users regarding data privacy by addressing security concerns.

Cost Friendly

Businesses shifting from on-premises infrastructure to cloud option as it is cost-efficient in the long run and businesses pay only for the resources they use and additionally have multiple options to opt from such as private, public, or hybrid cloud as per business requirements. Businesses can achieve cost optimization, by integrating AI into the cloud. For instance, machine learning tools can help to remove duplicated data that can reduce costs.

Bottom Line

Cloud platforms serve as a great way to Deploy AI products and AI potential is not hidden anymore. Cloud computing is already at its highest, and integrating artificial Intelligence will take automation to another level.

We at Canopus Infosystems, by harnessing the power of AI can offer exceptional cloud services as per your business goal and objectives, and help you stay competitive.

Our Cloud strategy is cost-optimized, so what are you waiting for?

Transform your organization by implementing the cloud today!


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Mustafa Murabbi

He is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Canopus Infosystems Pvt Ltd. He started his journey in the industry as an intern rising through the ranks to be a part of leadership groups for 8 years and experiencing the corporate cultures of the West. He started his entrepreneurial journey as a 1st gen entrepreneur and kept achieving all his milestones by following the simple mantra of 'Customer First'.

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