In the constantly developing scene of innovation, Natural Language Processing (NLP) arises as a groundbreaking power, overcoming any barrier between humans and computers.  

This revolutionary subfield of artificial intelligence has enormous potential to revolutionize processes, enhance user experiences, and extract useful insights from vast textual data pools for a variety of industries. According to markets and markets, the use of NLP will increase from $18.9 billion in 2023 to $68.1 billion by 2028, at a CAGR of 29.3% during the predicted period.   

In this article, we dig into how different industries can use the capacities of NLP to smooth out tasks and drive unrivaled advancement. Before that let’s check the general application of NLP to just have a broader picture of how NPL contributes to boosting the operational efficiency of various industries-  

  • Text Classification according to its content  
  • Automatically answering questions through chatbots or tools like Siri and Alexa  
  • Determining the emotional tone behind the text, generally addressed as sentiment analysis  
  • Speech recognition that enables machines to understand and interpret spoken language  

Let’s investigate industries that can improve operations with NLP- 

Healthcare: Improving Patient Care Through NLP

In the medical care area, NLP fills in as an impetus for working on patient consideration and regulatory effectiveness. It eases down the manual tasks by examining detailed clinical information by analyzing patient records, and symptoms, assisting in disease diagnosis, and aiding healthcare providers in delivering timely and accurate care. By changing spoken clinical notes into organized records, medical services experts can invest more energy with patients and less in desk work.

Finance: Empowering Market Insights with NLP 

For monetary establishments, remaining in front of market patterns is basic. NLP goes a step further and engages decision-makers to go with information-driven choices by dissecting news stories, monetary reports, and virtual entertainment opinions. All this financial data is usually stored in different formats such as PDF, HTML, web, and so on which accelerates the challenge of analyzing such unstructured data. However, NLP can analyze all these unstructured data in a fraction of the time, giving you an edge in navigating the changing financial markets and improving your investment strategies. 

Retail and E-Commerce: Managing Customer Interacting Better with NLP 

Retail and E-Commerce industries involve continuous customer interaction and it’s significant to automate this interaction at all stages, that is before, during, and after sales. Chatbots are a great way to automate the whole process and can serve many customers simultaneously. With such conversation, businesses can derive actionable insights to boost sales. Today many stores are inculcating NLP-based virtual assistants, to guide customers shopping in in-store. This is achieved through mobile apps that facilitate better in-store navigation and are convenient too.

Telecom: Streamlining Log Management and Processes with NLP 

In the telecom sector, identifying logs is crucial for monitoring, troubleshooting, and analyzing the performance of services. As businesses grow, the volume of logs multiplies which requires effective management. NLP can streamline the whole process and identify issues in real time as logs usually contain written text. Moreover, NLP can also tackle billing issues by analyzing customer complaints and considering their feedback. By doing so, telecom companies can address these issues more effectively.

Manufacturing: Optimizing Operations with NLP-driven Data Insights 

Just like many other industries, the manufacturing sector deals with enormous data generated from various sources such as supply chain systems, sensors, and production equipment, which is often in the form of unstructured data. This causes challenges for manufacturing units to extract meaningful insights from a plethora of data. NPL comes to the rescue by analyzing text and facilitating predictive maintenance by analyzing maintenance logs and sensor data to predict which equipment is likely to fail, employee safety by analyzing incident reports, and inventory management by analyzing stocks and sales data


Today we are surrounded by many tools and services that are already using Natural Language Processing and making our lives easier. With the growing adoption of technology, NLP is revolutionizing the way we interact with technology. Its growing adoption and application show great potential as it combines technology and human languages.  

At Canopus Infosystems, we specialize in data analytics and can help your industry grow and manage operations efficiently by leveraging NLP. Our expertise in data analytics and NLP can help your business unlock new opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.


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Gaurav Goyal

He is the Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder at Canopus Infosystems Pvt Ltd. He completed his graduation in Computer Programming in 2003 and has experience in managing data science teams, quantitative research, and algorithmic trading. He’s a proven track record in specialties like robust statistics, machine learning, large data analytics... with excellence and delivered 500+ projects to 200+ clients with his teams.

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