The advertising industry is flourishing. With Digital Advertising taking over the space, the usage and growth of Ad users have increased exponentially.

Although the number of users is increasing exponentially, the usage is still a mystery for most users. The amount spent on ads and the expected response from programmatic ads is still a huge gap. There are a lot of reasons behind it but the top reasons why ROAS for programmatic ads is not as good as expected

  1. You invest all your efforts and money in Ads expecting it to be a cure-all
  2. Your Ad placement choice does not resonate with your target audience
  3. Super Low Click Through Rate during the acceleration phase
  4. Your Ad spend is not significant compared to the competition
  5. Risk of Ad Frauds

Make sure to create campaigns that are not only engaging but also persuasive enough to trigger a buying decision. The more interactive your ads are, the better your chances of getting a good ROI on Ad campaigns.

Curious how to do it?

Well, let us begin to demystify how you can create the best ad campaigns by understanding how programmatic Ads work

How do Digital Ad Platforms Work?

Digital Advertising platforms are complex. The outreach algorithms are challenging to adhere to, but the long-term rewarding benefits make them the top choice. Digital Ad platforms started off as auction-based ad placement algorithms but with years passing by, the tech giants started working on more reliable placement algorithms prioritizing meaningful interactions over advertising bids.

Complex AI and ML algorithms were introduced in the platforms to make sure the ads easily convert, and Ad Frauds can be minimized. Although there’s no dedicated method to crack the code. But with consistency and quality assurance, you can make sure your ad generates a good ROAS.

But how do we decide if the Ad is good enough?

Well, there’s no strict formula to know if your ad is perfect but here’re some things you should ask yourself before beginning to create your Ad

  • Am I completely aware of my target audience?
  • Do I know my target market in and out?
  • Is my landing page or platform optimized enough?
  • Is my budget on par with industry standards?

Once you make sure to have all this in place, all you’re left to do is create mesmerizing Ads and achieve your target marketing goals. Let’s unravel how to do it effortlessly

Creating Ads to Achieve Target Goals

‘The advertising market is saturated’

‘Programmatic Ads doesn’t really perform’

‘Digital Ads require you to invest a lot of money’

All the myths that we keep hearing in our day-to-day lives are one of the major reasons why we choose to doubt digital advertising. These myths usually lead us to mess up the outcomes by holding back on bids and learning time. But if your ad content is informative and attractive enough, you must not hesitate based on the myths.

Let’s begin creating Ads that work

1. Write a Compelling Heading

It all starts with grabbing your audience’s attention and making sure they’re enticed enough to take action. The best way to do so is by writing a compelling headline that not only catches the eye but also encourages decision-making.

Here are 4 personalized tips that worked for almost all brands

    1. Focus on serving emotions instead of facts, people tend to respond to them better.
    2. Include keywords in your headline but make sure to not compromise on creativity.
    3. Try inducing confidence in your brand by making a promise or guarantee.
    4. Include numbers or metrics to provoke curiosity about your offerings

When it comes to choosing, there’s no 1 size fit all. Experiment with multiple versions and create the type of headlines that your target audience prefers. Now that you’ve amped up your Ads with good headlines, the audience is hooked on to your ad. Let’s start with problem-solving.

2. Solve your Audience’s Problem

Once your audience is hooked on your ad, the next thing to do so is encourage action. The best way to do so is by proving to your audience that your product or company can solve their problems with ease. Ads that claim something related to you being the best or top provider usually end up being lost in the crowd. Since most of your competitors are doing the same.

A better approach is to tell them what’s in it for them. This not only helps you increase the chances of conversion but also gets you approved faster and stand out from the competition.

Once you’re done solving problems, let’s give them something to act upon.

3. Ad an enticing Click-to-Action (CTA)

Once you’re sure your ad is a powerful asset to convert your target audience, all that’s left to do is to introduce a clear and strong call to action. Tell them exactly what you’re exactly should be their next move

    • Should they visit your website to learn more?
    • Call to set up an appointment.
    • Email you for a quote.

This should be obvious and not at all confusing. And the major point of investing in an Ad is not only building connections but also getting a good ROI. Thus, make sure to provide the easiest path of contact.

If you make sure to apply all the above-mentioned, there’s no way your ads will be lost among the competition. But you can’t rely on these only, make sure to add that special sauce only you know.

Final Words

The advertising space is competitive but with the right skills and analysis up your sleeves, things get easier, and you can stand out from the competition. Continuous efforts and consistency are the key and with the right blend of emotions, Knowledge, and creativity, It’s not at all difficult to create ads that perform.

At Canopus Infosystems, we create Enterprise Application Portals to take care of all your Ad needs and visualize ad analytics with ease. Our Enterprise applications offer seamless connectivity to all Ad servers and offer you one-stop portals to control your Ads.


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Gaurav Goyal

He is the Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder at Canopus Infosystems Pvt Ltd. He completed his graduation in Computer Programming in 2003 and has experience in managing data science teams, quantitative research, and algorithmic trading. He’s a proven track record in specialties like robust statistics, machine learning, large data analytics... with excellence and delivered 500+ projects to 200+ clients with his teams.

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