Are you a HR professional, struggling to hire a suitable candidate that perfectly matches the job requirement?   

Is your cost-per-hire increasing significantly and you can’t find solutions for it?   

Are you striving to keep costs low but finding that it often leads to bad hires? 

Usually, these are the common problems that a recruiting team faces. Recruiters find themselves in the problematic situation of hiring the right type of candidate while keeping costs low. Hiring through traditional ways is often a time-consuming, lengthy, and expensive process.    

In such a scenario, HR requires a solution to automate this manual process for efficient hiring, ensuring quality hires.   

Companies adopting AI-based recruitment can automate manual and time-consuming recruitment processes. It aids in streamlining the hiring process, which not only reduces cost-per-hire but also reduces the time taken to hire a candidate from screening to final selection.    

If you are curious to find out how automation and hiring through AI will support your hiring process, then stay tuned and read the blog to discover how AI can be leveraged to enhance the quality and effectiveness of recruitment decisions. 

Improved Candidate Sourcing and Job Matching

AI algorithms can scan resumes from various platforms to identify potential candidates that can match job requirements. Not only this, but it can also automate manual tasks of posting on various job portals and social media platforms. It can save hiring time and prevent additional recruitment costs. While AI aids in candidate sourcing, it can also support recruiters in identifying suitable candidates for the job by analyzing candidate’s skills, experience, and cultural fit more accurately than traditional methods.

Minimizes Turnover Costs

Turnover costs are the costs incurred by the company when any employee leaves the organization or must be replaced. Cost can include both direct and indirect costs. To save from incurring frequent turnover costs, AI can be a game changer. AI by leveraging candidate data, can help in identifying the candidates who can be the best fit for the organization and are likely to stay longer. This can greatly assist the recruiting team in making accurate hiring decisions that contribute to improving retention rates.  

HR Process Automation  

In traditional recruiting ways, the recruitment data is analyzed by the HR department manually, which is not just a time-consuming process but also lacks valuable insights such as time-to-hire, hiring source efficiency, and so on. On the other hand, with AI integration, one can get clear data-driven insights on metrics that are difficult to analyze with traditional hiring methods. These metrics are time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and the best hiring source, diversity and inclusion metrics, and more.  

AI in Streamlining Candidate Communication 

To streamline recruitment workflow and boost candidate interview experience, the utilization of AI tools can help in centralizing communication. Artificial Intelligence can automate responses and solve customer queries through chatbot responses, this ensures prompt responses. Moreover, AI can automate email responses, personalize communication by analyzing candidate data, automate interview scheduling by integrating with HR and candidate calendars. Such automation can free the HR department from handling minor communication tasks, reducing the risk of miscommunication. 

Improved Performance Management

Performance reviews of employees through traditional ways can be time-consuming, as it involves processes such as meeting schedules and preparing evaluations. But AI can automate these tasks. AI can analyze data like performance metrics, targets achieved, and peer feedback to generate ongoing performance reports to identify high performers and areas needing improvement. By identifying high performers, the recruiting department can minimize the risk of losing valuable talent, which is a significant cost for companies.  

Final Words

Think of AI as a helping partner not as a tool that can replace you, but one that holds the power to automate various HR functions. As per SHRM, it was found that 85 percent of employers that are using AI said it saves time or increases efficiency.   

So, what are you waiting for?  

We at Canopus Infosystems understand how hectic it could be for the recruiting department to perform mundane tasks that can be automated. Successful implementation of AI requires a blend of strategic approach, the right expertise, and industry knowledge. This is where we can help you!  

Partnering with us will ensure that you find the perfect candidates for your organization by integrating AI for a successful hiring process. 


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Ashish Malviya

He is a Senior Operations Manager and AI Automation Expert at Canopus Infosystems Pvt Ltd. Ashish completed his post-graduation in Mobile Computer Technology in 2010 and has been working as a Technical Solution Architect. He’s been working on developing Drones, UAVs, Automation, and Generative AI software and managed to deliver 500+ projects to 200+ clients with his team at Canopus Infosystems.

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