Customer demands and expectations are ever-increasing, and businesses are always striving to find new ways to adopt technological advancements to offer enhanced experiences to customers.

Salesforce Lightning is a powerful platform that offers a combination of various tools and features to boost user experience. If your business is already using a salesforce CRM, then you can customize the UI of your salesforce CRM to take your business to new heights.

But wait, before moving forward let’s add a definition to the term for better understanding.

Salesforce Lightning is a significant addition to the Salesforce CRM, offering a responsive customer experience. It had a bunch of pro-code tools that streamlined the website development process and simplified the work of developers. It’s a significant update to classic Salesforce CRM.

Lightning includes some exciting tools for developers that make it easier to develop responsive apps, Lets deep dive into it-

  • Lightning Components- With such components, developers can create responsive apps by using building blocks. Such components speed up the development process and overall app performance.
  • Lightning App Builder- This empowers developers to build website pages without extensive use of codes and by using custom-built lightning components. With Lightning App Builder, developers can create single-page apps, dashboard-style apps, and “point” apps for any specific task.
  • Experience Builder- This facilitates developers to create personalized experiences for customers by easily styling websites with drag-and-drop features and one can choose a template from the bulk of options available to align with the company’s goal and branding.
  • Lightning Design System- Salesforce has an open-source design system that is specifically formed to help developers offer excellent customer experience by including several UX elements.

These were some of the tools that facilitate building responsive apps, now let’s discover the top 5 reasons why one can switch to Salesforce Lightning-

Robust Security

Lightning ensures secure coding practices by integrating security architecture into all lightning components, the security is made available through a “lightning locker” feature. Additionally, Lightning Web Security is designed to enhance security in Lightning web components (LWC), ensuring protection against common security vulnerabilities.

Enhanced Debugging Tools

Salesforce Lightning offers testing and debugging tools, making it convenient for developers to fix code issues promptly. Additionally, it includes advanced features that offer opportunities for developers to create a wholesome customer experience.


Salesforce Lightning has an adaptive user interface that allows websites to work on mobile phones too, making it easier for users to navigate menus and different pages of the application on their mobile phones.

Facilitates Third-Party Integrations

Salesforce Lightning frameworks make it easier to integrate various third-party apps, allowing users to perform tasks within the salesforce environment and reducing the need to switch between multiple systems. It ultimately helps in boosting the user’s productivity and adding to the customer experience.

Lightning Customer Community

Another feature that makes Lightning an exceptional tool is Lightning Customer Community also known as Salesforce Community Cloud which enables organizations to create branded online communities for their customers. It encourages customers to collaborate, share information, and participate in discussions.

Wrapping Up

As technology continues to advance, Classic Salesforce will be replaced with Salesforce Lightning due to all the benefits it can offer to facilitate developers in offering exceptional experiences to customers.

At Canopus Infosystems, we are experts in salesforce consulting and by integrating Salesforce CRM, can help your business flourish and interact better with customers.


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