The oil and gas industry is one of India’s 8th core businesses, which impacts other major economic sectors. The India Energy Outlook 2021 predicts that as the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) rises to US$ 8.6 trillion by 2040, energy demand will almost double to 1,123 million tons of oil equivalent.

Due to the rapid growth of the sector and to make operations smoother, there is a need to surge Cloud Enterprise Applications across oil fields. Companies’ workloads have been increasing which makes it significant to adopt cloud services with the company’s workflow. Cloud-based solutions can seamlessly integrate with your organization’s existing systems, preserving further technology investments and cost savings.

There had been multiple partnerships in this sector from which companies had benefitted themselves and transformed their industry. One of them is between Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (BPCL) and Microsoft. To speed the company’s digital transformation, they have established a cloud partnership targeted at speeding up the company’s digital transformation and influencing the oil and gas industry’s future innovation.

There are a lot of benefits to choosing cloud-based applications for oil and gas businesses. If you want scalability and flexibility, our cloud-based solutions can help you stand out. Here are our top cloud-based services you must invest in

Aerial Image Data Analysis

Our drone services would help in gaining deep insights regarding operations and site selection during the exploration phase. High-resolution images will help in selecting drilling locations based on geological features. Drones equipped with sensors can detect pipeline leaks by identifying temperature irregularities. Aerial imagery helps in identifying the exact location of leaks for quick action. Also, in case of emergencies, aerial images provide situational awareness such as oil leakage, fires, or natural disasters. Emergency responders can use this information to plan and execute effective solutions.

Database Migration and Management

To streamline operations and ensure data security and integrity in oil fields, database migration and administration are helpful. It starts by performing a thorough analysis of the databases, data structures, and dependencies that are already in place. Create a thorough migration plan including goals, deadlines, and resource allocation. It helps in selecting a database management system that is compatible with the demands of your oil field activities as per scalability, performance, security features, and many more. It also makes sure that the database management system you use can expand to handle the rising volume of data of oil field operations.

Before moving into crucial data, thoroughly test the migration procedure to find and fix any problems. It also enables reliable backup and recovery procedures in place in the event of data loss. For remote sites, implements remote monitoring and management solutions that help to access data and manage oil field data from anywhere by utilizing IoT and satellite connectivity.

Cloud Infrastructure Management and Infrastructure as code

The oil and gas industry can benefit from the adoption of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to increase operational effectiveness, scalability, and savings. Here is a summary of the advantages of cloud infrastructure management and IaC.

Using IaC will automate the provisioning of computing, storage, and networking resources. Cloud systems provide in-depth cost tracking and analytics, assisting businesses in understanding and optimizing their expenses on IT resources. It also facilitates in protection of sensitive infrastructure and data by implementing cloud-native security policies and configurations.

Cloud platform Technical Support

Our technical support teams have a specialized understanding of the industry to comprehend the particular difficulties and demands of the oil and gas industry.

Any urgent problems, such as data breaches or system malfunctions, should be addressed right away. To produce reports on system performance, resource usage, and security incidents, use cloud-native monitoring and analytics tools. These reports can help with improvement and decision-making.


We at Canopus Infosystems understand the oil and gas industry and our technologies can drive innovation and competitiveness in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.

The oil and gas industry generates huge amounts of data, which can be challenging to manage, analyze, and draw results from. Our cloud solutions can help companies store, administer, and process their information in real time in a cost-efficient manner. Our integrated consulting services in support of Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud technologies and platforms help you to plan and gain the necessary insights into your business. We are here to help you with our competence by assisting you in managing your cloud environment.


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