Logistics is an ever-evolving industry due to technological advancements, rising customer expectations, and booming demand for e-commerce services. Due to ever-increasing demands, companies are always in a loop to generate innovative solutions. They need to invest in new technologies and strategies to help streamline their operations.

According to a report, to fulfill growing delivery volume, more than 50 percent of logistics providers are adopting automation into their supply chains. It has also been found that the reason for not scaling for many companies is the use of outdated technologies and manual work.

Here are several ways to achieve automation in cloud-based logistics portals

Adopt Route Optimization for Real-Time Tracking

Implementing GPS technology can help logistics companies provide real-time shipment data to customers. Customers can directly track the order via the portal, this would reduce the inquiries and will improve transparency among the customers.

For real-time tracking, another way to keep customers informed about goods is to set up a customer dashboard in the warehouse management system, this would help to check order status frequently. Additionally, customers can mark urgent orders so that they can be dispatched at the earliest.

Forecast Demand by Integrating AI and ML

To adjust inventory levels and to reduce the risk of over and understock, companies can integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to predict demand patterns. Companies that don’t use demand forecasting find it difficult to deploy operational planning of assets. AI tools can also provide insights into shifting demand trends, this makes it possible for logistics companies to quickly modify their operations to changes in demand.

Automate Notifications and Alerts

Companies can use in-app notifications, emails, and SMS for critical events such as sending order changes, delays, delivery confirmations, and any other emergency notification that would keep stakeholders informed. It would help in building a transparent relationship with customers.

Implement Chatbots for Customer Support and Inquiries

Implementing chatbots and AI-driven customer support works as virtual assistants to resolve common queries such as providing order status updates and answering FAQs. This enables human resources to concentrate on activities that require more complexity. This offers a seamless experience to stakeholders throughout the logistics and supply chain network.

Warehouse Automation for Work Efficiency at the Unit

Warehouse automation can offer enormous benefits to production units. Some of them can help in picking up and packing things quickly, shortening the time needed to complete consumer orders. As a result, shipping and delivery times are shortened, which increases overall customer satisfaction. It also results in lower labor costs and thus utilizes the resource on value-added tasks.

Final Words

In today’s world, e-commerce sales are booming as customer demand is ever-growing. To stay competitive, companies need to streamline their processes. However, logistics companies face several challenges related to order fulfillment on time, efficient customer services, transportation issues, improper supply chain visibility, and many more. The only long-term solution lies in automating supply chain and logistics operations.

We at Canopus Infosystems have worked in close collaboration with logistics companies and understand the common hurdles that these companies face. Our Cloud Solutions for logistic applications can help you improve operational efficiency by automating your logistics portals by integrating with cloud solutions.


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