With the increase in complexity of life-hustles and hectic schedules, people always need convenient solutions that can serve as the best remedy for their problems. In today’s digital world, we are increasingly using technology to simplify our lives and get access to everything at our fingertips. Whether it’s booking a ride, ordering a meal, groceries, or whatnot.   

Similarly, there is a need to have access to health services without the hassle of traditional ways of in-person appointments. Just like we can get any service with just having mobile phones, healthcare solutions lie in the same way! Being able to get spot healthcare services can make patients healthier while saving costs for in-person visits.  

Telemedicine apps or telehealth mobile apps can offer the convenience of virtual consulting with healthcare professionals, serving as quick access to medicinal services. As per reports,  the telemedicine market is projected to reach a whooping figure of 285.7 billion by 2028 from USD 87.9 billion in 2023, which is growing at a CAGR of 23% during the predicted period.   

Let’s check what ease these telemedicine apps can bring-  

  • Telehealth mobile apps save time and expenses involved in commuting as opposed to traditional ways of accessing healthcare services.   
  • Better access to healthcare facilities, as one can consult with doctors sitting miles apart, contributes to one of the influencing reasons  
  • Patients do not need to stay longer at hospitals in times of minimal surveillance or observation is required, making the healing process easy in the comfort of home.   
  • Telemedicine facilitates more efficient appointment bookings, with an option to book appointments from the available time slots.


Here are the top 5 telemedicine apps known for their excellent features and quality care for patients-


Amwell is one of the popular telehealth applications that simplifies patient care experience by addressing patient concerns such as psychiatry, therapy, and many more. Amwell has over 115 health systems in the US, and 50+ health plan partners across the globe. The attractive features of the application are-  

  • Catering to the rising demand by taking care of mental wellbeing  
  • Scheduling visits directly from a patient’s EHR  
  • Facilitates on-demand visits, minimizing wait times  
  • It has a network of board-certified psychiatrists to address urgent psychiatric crises and provide scheduled coverage for patients 

Doctor on Demand  

Doctor on-demand is a San Francisco-based company offering 24-hour medical services including but not restricted to psychiatry, therapy, and urgent care such as colds, flu, and UTIs. This telemedicine app has over 4.9 ratings from patients and has board-certified doctors, and psychiatrists offering HIPAA-compliant online experience.  

The attractive features of the application are-  

  • Offering mental health services such as online therapy services for anxiety, depression, and PTSD.  
  • Patients can get access to their medical history, doctor prescriptions from this virtual app for telemedicine  
  • Doctor On Demand helps you manage chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure through virtual consultations.


With the mission to make healthcare more affordable and convenient, the healthcare service provider is based in San Francisco and operates in 50 US states. Through this teleapplication, patients can consult doctors for medical issues, including common conditions such as UTIs, colds, skin, and women-related services, and receive a diagnosis and treatment plan.    

The attractive features of the application are-  

  • Most in-demand services offered are for anxiety, depression, genital herpes, Birth control, UTI, erectile dysfunction  
  • The telehealth app also offers a symptom checker and medication reminder feature to enhance the patient experience  
  • Lemonaid telehealth apps provide subscription plans for their most sought-after service which is birth control 

Teladoc Health  

One-stop telemedicine application that offers various healthcare services, including primary care, mental health, and chronic condition management. The app is best known for its comprehensive features and seamless user experience.    

The attractive features of the application are-  

  • 24/7 technical support to patients and offers On-demand appointments any time of day    
  • Offers Customizable workflows, which can range from basic to complex, allowing healthcare providers to concentrate on delivering patient care.
  • Their video and phone visits have no time restrictions; thus, patients can stretch calls in case of further assistance.

GoodRx Care  

A telemedicine application with an aim to offer access to affordable and convenient healthcare. The app allows patients to choose their telehealth provider, conduct their telehealth doctor visit, and have a prescription ready within a few hours.  

The attractive features of the application are-  

  • Easy prescription refills by mail or at a local pharmacy to get an appointment booked on time  
  • Instant Prescriptions for Birth Control, UTIs, and ED  
  • Offers membership plans for those who fill multiple prescriptions

Summing Up 

The healthcare sector can streamline its operations by having standardized telemedicine apps supporting crucial features. The app not only aids patients in getting care in the comfort of their homes but also proves to be a cost-effective solution. 

At Canopus Infosystems, we understand how significant it is to have a telemedicine app that can offer a wholesome experience to patients. We can help you create a user-friendly app that can help patients navigate it conveniently and get access to supreme healthcare services.


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