Our Services

If you’re eyeing to create the most sought after mobility experiences backed by technology experts who rightly understand your business needs; your search ends here!!

Canopus has become a leading development firm in supplying enterprise Mobile & Web solutions, Drone solutions, IoT solutions, Data Science, Analytics, Machine Learning and AI solutions to its client undertaking various business problems and implementing sustainable software frameworks for them to thrive globally.

Canopus has improved the business process drastically for key industries by its state of the art software solutions development strategies and problem-solving approach. We produce flexible, scalable and adaptive software solutions including web, mobile, data science, desktop platforms, for startups, medium scale, and large scale businesses.

Our success is based on a better understanding of business processes, domain expertise, detailed research and analysis in industry-specific processes, and constant strategic collaboration with industry experts.

Medical Solutions

  • Symptom checker apps
  • Fitness and Gym Apps
  • Meal tracking Apps
  • Pill reminder Apps
  • Blood Pressure, Heart rate monitor Apps
  • Clinic and Hospital Management Apps

Telecom Solutions

  • Network Analysis tools
  • Consumer Experience Analysis tools
  • Network QoS Analysis tools
  • Customer centric surveys

Image Processing Solutions

  • Image Processing Solutions
  • Image Capturing and Editing
  • Mobile makeup solutions
  • Face Recognition

Video Processing Solutions

  • Video capturing, editing and Processing Solutions
  • Video Streaming Solutions
  • Video sharing Solutions

Bluetooth Solutions

  • BLE iBeacons Integraton
  • BLE Heart rate monitor, Pulse rate monitor integration
  • BLE hardware integration including humidity sensor, temperature sensor

Geolocation based solutions

  • Geofencing and location awareness solution
  • Integration of Google Maps API, maps overlay

Taxi and Transport

  • Taxi booking mobile and Web Solutions
  • Vehicle tracking solutions
  • Vehicle routing solutions
  • Delivery tracking solutions

Social Media

  • Image and Video Sharing Solutions
  • Instant messaging Solutions
  • Dating and match making Solutions

Point of Sale Solutions

  • Desktop, Mobile and Web based PoS solutions for Restaurants, Malls, Retailers

Analytics Solutions

  • Customer engagements and customer tracking solutions
  • Analytics report solutions for customer involvement

BYOD Solutions

  • Mobile Device Management Solutions for enterprises
  • Secure authentication and authorization

Educational Solutions

  • Smart learning solutions for educational organizations
  • Tablet and mobile based solutions for students and teacher communication

Telecom & Other Engineering Solutions