Testing Services

Quality is key for success of any business or product in long term. Low quality services or products can never make a big impact on your customers. We partner with technology firms to align and add value to their development processes and end product by providing highly qualified testing and quality assurance services. Automation testing is one of the most important where our resource put extra efforts in automating various testing processes and reduce the time to market as well as set up the automation tools and processes in you environment to enable you automate your quality assurance processes. We have a very solid monitoring and tracking process in place that allows you to monitor the progress and productivity and at the same time this allows us to assess our resources skills, improvement areas and many other important factors to provide a more personalized experience.

Key Expertise

  • Manual Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Selenium & Appium Experts
  • Devops processes and Build Pipeline Experts
  • Cucumber Experts


Canopus provides expert consultancy on Selenium web application testing and automation framework. We have a strong and experienced QA team of Selenium experts having hands-on experience in setting up the test framework, test plans, and organizing test results. Canopus has been working in different sectors and applying the wide range of Selenium automated testing services, such as Selenium automated regression testing, Selenium automated functional testing, Selenium browser compatibility testing, integration with test management tools.

  • Quick automation test scripts development and compilation
  • Organizing the automation scripts to facilitate bug reproduction
  • Performing exploratory testing using Selenium IDE
  • Performing regression automation testing using Selenium WebDriver
  • Customized test plan and reporting
  • Wrapping up Selenium testing scripts in Testing Framework such as JUnit etc.
  • Security vulnerabilities testing
  • Database testing


Canopus provides experts for performing testing and writing automation tests for the mobile applications as well including the IOS and Android platform. Our consultants use Appium automation testing framework for performing mobile testing. Appium is an open-source test framework that covers the automation testing across all three types of mobile applications, native, web, and hybrid. It is also cross-platform and can reuse code between iOS, Android, and Windows test suites with the same API.

  • Writing automation test scripts by automating the manual test cases and scenarios
  • Local and remote execution of automation test cases
  • Reuse test scripts
  • Test strategy, test plan, and test results handling


We are expert in JMeter for performing and writing the load test and create a functional test plan. Our experts utilize it to test performance and load on the server with various conditions and scenarios. We provide JMeter consultants and engineering in order to streamline and perform load and performance testing on your cloud and server-based applications to ensure scalability and smooth operations in extreme conditions. JMeter has been used in some of the following areas

  • Identify performance issues of database applications
  • Test in development and all the way into production
  • Ensure application behavior in regular & peak load conditions
  • Key scenarios tested based on our key user group


We provide experts in performing automation testing using LoadRunner and also plan and apply performance testing scenarios on different applications.

  • Planning an Effective Load Test
  • Using Run-Time Settings
  • Scenario Execution
  • Scheduling Scenarios
  • Performance Monitors
  • Results Analysis