Software Testing


Software testing is a concept that involves the entire execution of a software program or its component along with the information related to its quality under test. Basically, software testing determines the correctness of software program under some assumable theses.
Enlisted below are some areas where testing has tremendously improvised its practices in last few years:

Web Application Testing” is one of the Software Testing Services which carried out to test a web application/website to observe the potential bugs. Some leading edge testing tools can be used to provide a cost efficient and time saving testing. Functionality testing, Usability Testing, Interface Testing, Compatibility testing, performance testing and security testing are some widely used web application testing techniques.

Mobile Application Testing” one of the Software Testing Services which is all about testing an application software which is developed for handy mobile devices. As compared to web testing, mobile application testing practices have grown tremendously which act as a base of Software Testing Company In India due to a huge phenomenal growth in past few years. Installation testing, certification testing, location testing, Load testing and Memory Leakage testing are some practices/techniques other than those common ones in web testing.

When talked about “Desktop Application Testing”, it was found that it is one of the Software Testing Services in which the test should be carried out in a right and thorough manner. Regression, Load, Usability, Performance, security, compatibility are the common techniques carried out in mobile, desktop and web application testing.

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