Retailing is becoming quiet easier to the business owners by providing it online as it enhances users experience and also help to attract the customers rather than working hard for customers in the physical stores. Customers are more likely to tend towards the smart devices and get an easier way to shop online with the provided web app and mobile app for the Retail stores.

Canopus made many retail based solutions for the retail and distribution companies by providing them an amazing platform meeting their various need by increasing their user level experience. Canopus provides you a tailor made retail mobility solutions in different aspects like e-commerce platform, pos mobility, Loyality and rewards, Supply chain and many more.

A retail based solution can provide a retailer its managemnt of employess and Stuff, monitoring the customers behaviour and many more. A retail Solution Attracts millions of consumer and Brands on a single platform in a managebale form. Canopus has served various big retailers around the world developing and designing the retailing solutions with the seamless customer expeoomrience with latest trends, technology and analytics in Retailing. Some technologies Canopus work on with Retailing Solutions Are:

  • Virtual Dressing/Try Room
  • Image processing for Fashion Retailing Solution
  • Location Based Deals
  • Order Booking
  • Package Tracking
  • Coupon And Loyality Cards
  • QR code Scanner
  • DG Wallet Payments and many more

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