Text, Translation & Transcription

Text, Translation & Transcription

Application Description:

Problem Use Case

  • A well-established tier-2 translation and transcription company in USA wanted to automate their customer document conversion and translation process using machine learning and AI.
  • The objective was to convert PDF into Word document, correct its formatting & style as per requirement and then translate those document from English to Spanish.
  • So far their team used to perform all these processes manually and it becomes a really tedious and time consuming job when there are a thousands of documents to be converted, processed and translated manually.

Solution Provided

  • Canopus performed exhaustive analysis on the PDF documents, their patterns, format and identified the common patterns that could be utilized in order to perform the conversion and translation and deliver them in the expected format.
  • Canopus utilized various Machine Learning and AI techniques and also some third party APIs in order to perform the PDF to word conversion and then applied NLP in order to make the correction in the formatting that gets messed up during conversion process.
  • Canopus then utilized Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technique in order to translate English documents into Spanish.
  • Canopus achieved 78% accuracy in the conversion and translation and this reduced their 80% manual work and also saving a lot of time.
  • Client is able to deliver more documents in less time with this AI solution.

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