Real Estate Use Cases

Real Estate Use Cases

Application Description:

Problem Use Case

  • Canopus collaborated with a start-up real-estate service provider in USA to develop an AI based chatbot to perform and automate the customer services for their real-estate business.
  • Client wanted to implement chatbot to automatically suggest, recommend and show properties to the online visitors.

Solution Provided

  • Canopus created an AI based chatbot based on the operations of the real-estate business considering all the factors, customer queries, possible answers, real-estate data available with client, geography in which client is operating etc in order to create an AI chatbot.
  • Chatbot that was developed can automatically recommend, suggest and show properties
  • Automatically schedule apartment visits for your customers
  • Can answer questions and provide information to customers, know what your customers are looking for before you follow up. Using natural language processing technology, your personal Bot interacts with prospects to determine their exact real estate needs and delivers the information they desire without
  • Collect the lead’s contact information (phone/email/preferred contact time), pass that information over to the realtors follow Up with the potential lead in case of non-conversion and understand why he/she didn’t convert
  • Record conversation for future reference and further analysis and feeding into the learnings system.

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