Healthcare Sector

Healthcare Sector

Application Description:

Problem Use Case

  • Canopus helped a leading Medical Device company that provides chronic disease monitoring solutions. The customer wanted to build an open data ecosystem that would unlock the combined value of patient data, and data locked in various silos, including devices, ERP, SFA, complaint management, and manufacturing systems.
  • Customer was facing following challenges:
  • Real-time, individual device data wasn’t being used to understand population-level outcomes.
  • Internally, functional data (CRM, ERP, manufacturing) was locked in silos.
  • The viability and readiness of internal data sources to support more complex discovery was unknown.

Solution Provided

  • A series of investigative charters were identified to better understand the following:
  • How patients acquire and use the client’s device?
  • The overall health of the patient base.
  • Patient segmentation based on emergent physical and commercial characteristics.
  • Canopus created a strong foundation by building an initial data platform and performing exploratory data analysis. We integrated a variety of previously untapped data sources, such as patient-worn device data and sales order data.
  • Building the foundational infrastructure enabled processing of data from all sources. Patient device data was combined with demographic and transactional data from core CRM and ERP. We analysed the resulting combined data set and worked with the client to establish a new series of metrics with a common lens and context for improving logistics insights.
  • The analysis helped the company to Identify factors driving patient churn and reduce churn.
  • Review and compare patient KPIs across key segments, including segmentation by payor, resulting in better care.
  • Segment on demographic, behavioural, and usage patterns and improve patient device adoption.

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