Generate Insights from Unstructured Data

Generate Insights from Unstructured Data

Application Description:

Perform text mining on unstructured data like Social Media, Customer feedbacks etc. to generate actionable insights.

What is Different?

  • Perform high accuracy sentiment analysis, classification, topic identification on structured data
  • Use complex algorithms to take care of factors like irony etc.
  • Perform text mining on different languages
  • Perform analysis in real time on Social Media data
  • Identify sentiments associated with the entire message as well as sentiments associated with aspects/entity/features in the message

Possible Applications

  • Identify action items from the text mining of customer feedback data
  • Triage customer feedback for further action based on the classification
  • Measure success of an ad campaign by measuring sentiment on social media
  • Identify problems with ad campaign and correct it while it is on
  • Buzz Monitoring- identify how your product or service is performing by text mining social media

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