Cross-Sell/Up-Sell: leading Internet Service Provider

Cross-Sell/Up-Sell: leading Internet Service Provider

Application Description:

The Challenge

  • Integrate Data from 10+ different sources like CRM data
  • Identify critical features in the combined data set which impact the propensity for cross-sell and up-sell
  • Create a recommendation model incorporating the data about currently used services as well the features identified in the previous step
  • Run the model and prove improved performance with respect to cross-sale and up-sale

Canopus Contributions

  • Created logic to integrate 10+ datasets.
  • Created offers for 6 million customers, 6000 products (with 12 subcategories) which led to increased conversions
  • Replaced over 10 algorithms used and maintained by the client by a single algorithm.
  • The algorithm developed by us was creating offers at the 6000 products level while the 10 algorithms were able to create offers only at the 12 subcategory levels.
  • Big Data platform.

Benefits Realized

  • The client will save millions of dollars in promotional expenses as they run multiple campaigns every year.
  • Increase Net New Conversions from 2% to 7%
  • Increase Upgrade Conversions from 8% to 14%

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