Bitcoin and Cypto Currency

Bitcoin and Cypto Currency

Application Description:

Problem Use Case

  • A blockchain start-up company in US wanted to generate predictions for Crypto currencies trends and market price like Ripple, Bitcoin, Dash etc. for various future time intervals based on past trends, sentiments and statistics.

Solution Provided

  • Canopus performed Sentiment Analysis on Twitter data, news data, market feeds in order to identify the trends during different time intervals in past.
  • Based on the sentiment analysis results Canopus created a runtime model for predicting future prices of multiple crypto currencies based on selected time intervals such as after 24 hours in future, after 48 hours in future etc.
  • Canopus created the application to show the results and graphs based on crypto currency trends and also the prediction results.
  • Canopus achieved 80% accuracy in predicting the future crypto-currency prices.

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