Android App Development


Usage of smart phones has increased rapidly. In the number of active mobile phones, India stands second in the world. Today, out of the 8 billion mobile phones in the world, close to 1.5 billion is being used in India. This comes to almost 70% of our existing population. Every month gets a growth of around 8 million subscribers. That, in fact, is a lot !

With the growth in the numbers and make of smart phones, there comes a demand for applications. And in turn, huge scope of Android Application development and Android Application Development Company in India.

Android has been the most scalable operating system till date. It is a well-known modernizer where its elastic features have made it a user-friendly platform. Android is a framework amplified by Google and Open Handset Alliance as cutting edge technology. It is a software platform as well as an Operating System. It is basically designed on Linux Operating system specially for Android app development.

The peculiarity of Android and Android app development is the broad base of free apps that it offers to the users from various Android Application Development Company . And hence today, 70% of the users use Android smart phones. Even for programmers, Android app development has become an incomparable business.

Benefits of Android Application :

  • Packaged in one .apk file
  • Each application lives in its “own phone”
  • Its own Linux process
  • Its own JVM
  • Its own “file system”
  • Component based architecture
  • Broadcast receivers
  • Content providers
  • Manifest file provides information about components

At Canopus, we specialise in Android app development. We have been working on Android app development since the launch of Android Éclair 2.0. We believe in customize Android app development that assimilate with enterprise applications and stand apart from the thousand other apps in the market.

Our Android Developers are well acquainted with:

  • Eclipse IDE, Android SDK, ADT Plugin
  • Integration with Gimbal, Estimote ibeacons
  • Java Programming, J2EE ; just to name a few

Canopus Infosystems improvise their android app development technology regularly to provide better services to their customers. An Android app development company faces numerous challenges when they work with the new and dynamic techniques, but Canopus Infosystems has always been focused on their operations and looks forward to conquering these challenges.

While working with the development services of these dynamic technologies, our only concern and prime focus is to foster better projects with more innovations and new factors to Android development because in the end, the user experience and user interface of any Android application aids in achieving maximum popularity and value.

There are specific essential points that Canopus focuses on while designing a Custom Android Application, such as:

  • Providing easy to use Android applications
  • Helps you to know your merchandise and your targeted audience
  • Assists in the optimization of the Android apps
  • Limits advertising content to a minimum