IT Consulting

One of the most important factors that drive organization growth and innovation are clearly defined business objectives, vision, and a great technical team, technology experts, SMEs, and Quality Analysts to provide wings to the business idea. However, it’s always a challenge to maintain and put together all these key departments and sustain in this rapidly changing technology space. In order to retain and sharpen their competitive edge, organizations need to be able to drive innovation and this takes a lot of other resources which increases business complexities, meeting compliances, following regulations and adopt new technologies. Technical teams also require regular upgrades, training and constant hiring of new people in order to fulfill the skill requirements.

Canopus works as a strategic outsourcing partner that helps your organization take more focused business decisions, transform operations, solve skill gaps, experienced people having hands-on with new technologies like IoT, Drones, Data Science, AI, Mobile Development, Web Development, and Quality Assurance.

Canopus helps businesses with their tailored IT outsourcing services supporting both offshore and onshore models that perfectly serves the needs of different sized businesses be it a start-up, midsize or a multinational organization. We thrive to provide the best of our resources, technical expertise and have a sound training and engineering process in place. We are comfortable in agile methodology.

Sales Force Dot Com (SFDC)

As a strategic Salesforce partner, Canopus helps you with all your Salesforce needs, and drive immense value from previously untapped areas of business. We work closely by applying several different practices and customized approaches in order to serve the unique solutions to international customers across the globe. Our experts possess the expertise and industry knowledge by applying techniques to solve critical and specific business problems in order to help businesses harness the full potential of the Salesforce platform. Our consultants have worked with a variety of industries, delivering precise solutions to grow sales and customer engagement in IT, Business Services, Manufacturing, Finance, Media and Internet, Retail, Healthcare, Public Sector and more.

Canopus delivers end to end Salesforce consulting services to help you embrace the world’s leading CRM platform in the entirety of its benefits for your business. By applying the industry experience we help in overcoming following challenges for businesses:

  • Organize and streamline the customer or partner data scattered across different systems and departments.
  • Low lead conversion rate
  • Lack of understanding of the CRM system and poor adoption
  • Lack of customization and personalized initiatives in marketing activities.
  • Inefficient sales processes, low sales productivity.
  • Slow customer services and poor customer experience.


Canopus consultants are also experienced in providing the Apttus consulting, support and management services along with seamless integration of Apttus CPQ with Salesforce. Our consultants possess expertise in order to help businesses streamline, sales, close deals faster and collaborate better with different departments leveraging the Apttus CPQ platform.

Our experienced team of expert Salesforce developers provides Apttus consulting, support, and management services along with seamless integration of Apttus CPQ with Salesforce. Our strategic solutions and custom CPQ integration help organizations automate and add velocity to their sales processes, thereby maximizing business productivity with complete scalability.

Key Features

  • Flexible Onshore and Offshore Model
  • Customized and focused offerings based on your IT needs
  • Provide scale and flexibility to your business
  • Expertise, resource, and technology without the investment
  • Replace variable fixed costs with a predictable monthly fee
  • Transparent and highly established tracking and monitoring process to keep track of the progress
  • Access to professional resources and skills to add value
  • Tailored monthly service reporting and contracted SLAs
  • Resources training and development based on customized business needs
  • Effective tracking of the amount of time spent and productivity of resources