iBeacons & Eddystone

iBeacons & Eddystone

Trending ibeacons technology connects the physical and digital world though the proximity and location Beacons pops up messages to attract the consumers within the specific distance range by sending signals to their compatible devices like smartphones, tablets, iPads, Smartwatch etc. with the device supported application.

Canopus have worked on several applications that detects the ibeacons and performs the actions once the ibeacons is detected, with several different types of ibeacons such as Estimote, Gimbal, Kontakt.io, Chinese ibeacons. Canopus developers can make one for you based on following :

  • Amusement Park
  • Indoor and Outdoor Shopping Centers
  • Stadium or Concert Halls
  • Parking
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Exhibition’s
  • Museum

and many more which helps you out in integrating services like offering coupons, Trigger notifications and actions as defined for the detection, Beacon monitoring and detection, Beacon registration with user registration, Location capturing, Google or Apple Map integration to display location on map. And also last but not least Canopus also indulge in writing generic beacon detection module that detects all types of beacons for our clients.

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