Hardware Integration

Hardware Integration

In today’s world every consumer would like to experience an automated way to control the hardware devices. Mobile apps integrated with the Hardware gives you a unique experience by changing the traditional way of controlling hardware devices.

Canopus helps integrating several hardware devices as well with the mobile, desktop and web applications. Canopus primarily works with different BLE devices such as healthcare and medical hardware devices, such as heart rate monitor, pulse rate monitor, activity tracker, steps tracker, blood pressure monitor, sports activity tracking devices etc.

Canopus also works closely with manufacturers and industry to get the extended software deployed that enables end to end working of the overall system such as warehouses, factories and even small workshops. We have worked with the nordic boards, Raspberry pi, BLE boards, WiFi enabled hardware device integration, NFC, RFID tags for tracking assets and realtime tracking of the products in a shipment.

At Canopus, Our mobile strategist help you built an App that will offer a great engaging interface that work closely to your hardware device and smooth experience in monitoring your devices by touch screen controls, or networked applications. The use cases we recently working on are:

  • Home Appliances
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Industries Hardware
  • Medical Equipments
  • Automobile Industry
  • Security Equipments
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