Bringing the intelligence of AI Edge Computing

Edge AI is the next revolution that is redefining the development and deployment of intelligent software and machines which are set to power the world. With the joint minds of our specialist Data Scientists, ML Engineers, Front-End Developers, Back-End Developers, & IoT Developers we are poised to take on the Edge AI economy and build privacy-focused, low latency, highly secure distributed Edge AI networks.

Our specialty lies in working with the NVIDIA® Jetson™ platform to build a distributed software architecture ecosystem for increased efficiency and performance. We can assist you with building cutting-edge solutions involving high-precision optical inspections, real-time object & person recognition, network video recorders, autonomous robots, manufacturing line defect detection, generation of NLP-powered intelligent audio responses, and much more.

How Edge AI works:

Edge AI is an ML architecture where the AI algorithms process the data generated by the device locally and make decisions in real-time. This directly reduces the communication costs and latency associated with the cloud model as in Edge AI the data is being processed on the devices which are at the edge of the server closest to the user.


Edge AI is enabling massive improvements in latencies associated with AI-enabled systems. Edge AI has also eliminated the issue associated with privacy as the data is stored and processed locally instead of being transmitted to the cloud. With the help of this architecture low-maintenance sensors with pre-loaded algorithms can be installed to enable real-time autonomous monitoring in security cameras, fitness bands, drones, smart speakers, self-driving vehicles, and industrial production chains.