Canopus InfoSystems is an ISO 27001:2013 certified company that excels in developing enterprise-level drone-based software solutions. We build robust scalable enterprise-level drone-based applications including Mission and Flight Planner Solutions, GCS implementations, Flight Tracking Solutions, Flight Operations Management Software, and CRM systems. We are also experts in collecting and analyzing data gathered by drones by employing industry-leading deep learning, image analytics, and object detection models to provide accurate and actionable insights.

Our Drone Development Capabilities Include:

  • QGround Control Customization and Development (QGC)
  • DJI SDK Customization and Development
  • GCS Platform Implementation
  • Flight tracking and monitoring
  • CRM System for managing customers and their requirements
  • Mission and flight planning
  • Drone flight operations management
  • On-demand Pilot solution

Drone Solutions We Offer:

Mission and Flight Planner Applications:
  • Personalized Flight Planning Through Custom Waypoint Creation
  • Fully automated Grid and Polygon Mission Mapping
  • Access Restriction to No Fly Zones and Warning Zones
GCS Software Implementation:
  • Feature-rich UAV Mission Planning and Execution via GUI
  • Automated Take Off and Precision Landing Implementation
  • Elevation and Contour Map Export to GIS Integration
QGroundControl Implementation:
  • Rebranding QGC completely and changing the look and feel to align with your existing business UI
  • Creating the custom light-weight version of QGC to suit your operational requirements by adding or removing modules
  • Importing maps, Locking access to parameters, More control over the checklist, Scaling min from baseline, and Direct Gimbal control support upstream.
CRM Systems for Drone industry:
  • The full-fledged CRM system that can perform end-to-end operations
  • Multi-level user logins like Super Admin, Admin, Pilot and End Customer
  • Simultaneous operation by multiple users and syncing of data in runtime
  • Track Mission reports, Manage Drones, Assign a Mission, Receive Notifications
Drone Imagery Data Analysis:
  • We analyze raw imagery data to assist our clients for inspecting solar & wind farms, manufacturing plants and factories
  • By leveraging our expertise in image data analysis we do geospatial analysis, mosaicking, and remote sensing
  • Our Digital Surface Models (DSM) can accurately do topographical and hydrological mapping for different business needs
LiDAR Data Analysis:
  • By analyzing LiDAR data, we can derive insightful information which could be useful in mapping, agriculture, mining, security, and power infrastructure
  • Performing analysis on LiDAR data we do vegetation class identification, volumetric analysis, view shed analysis, railway and airport infrastructure monitoring
  • LiDAR data staging and baking to enable its efficient use in GIS
Object and Feature Detection:
  • We develop real-time object detection algorithms to enable real-time fast object detection for inspection, security, and maintenance
  • We do vehicle detection for parking management, surveillance, and traffic monitoring
  • By implementing object detection in drones we have reduced manpower and automated intruder detection systems
GIS and Mapping:
  • By bridging the gap between UAVs and GIS we efficiently implement better mapping solutions with accurate 3D modeling
  • We are experts in exporting contour files and elevation maps from GCS to ArcGIS and QGIS
  • Utilized GIS for aerial data collected by drones for agriculture, geospatial services, 3D mapping, and mining
Unmanned Traffic Management Solutions:
  • We utilize our expertise in geo zone managing, drone operations planning and validation to do real-time drone airspace automation.
  • Generating alerts and notifying pilots about the current flight path conflicts and suggesting alternative routes
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