Cloud Computing & Transformation

Cloud Computing & Transformation

Cloud computing is generally an on demand service provided over interment to share the computer resources and data to different remote devices.To address the various on demand requirements of customers to enhance their business and growth factors in a scalable, flexible and cost-effective way. Canopus give the cloud based services to make this possible.

Canopus put its ability in the cloud application development engineers with the data engineers and big data analytics and management to help build a robust solutions with POC and give end to end solutions. Canopus Provides you :

  • Cloud Based Infrastructure( IaaS and PaaS)
  • Manage Cloud And IT services
  • Software based Services(SaaS & ISV)

Our Services offer you a hosting over a cloud service for your business which allows you to connect seamlessly to your customers to drive faster value in an innovative way from your partners to let your digital economy and the application will raise your end-user experience followed by accelerating the app delivery to new end users.

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