Case Studies

How Canopus helped a doctor organize his clinic and the patient engagement with iBeacons

A physician and surgeon, practicing from past 25 years having clinic in California, he provides medical consultancy and treatments to patients from his clinic.Many patients with prior appointment visits him and the number of patients visit in a day are many. He do not have much support staff and those who works in his clinic are not able to accurately take care of the patient engagement within the clinic.

Secure Communication with HIPPA compliance for Healthcare Organizations

A doctor by profession, specializes in internal medicine and medical genetics. Highly involved in health information technology processes in the hospitals.Our client is working towards implementing the information technology processes in the hospitals for secure communication between the hospital staff. Since hospital staff communication is mainly related to discussing the diseases or condition of the patients and informing the related staff or department to take care of the patient or provide a certain medication, consultancy or treatment to the patient.

How Chat Communication Softwares can Solve Education needs

SpalChat is an instant messaging app for school parents and teachers to enable efficient communication with each other. All NYC schools are preloaded on this app.Parents have to select the ‘school’, ‘grade’ and ‘class’ of their children, and the app automatically

Endo ICD-10-CM

Endo ICD-10-CM is a digital reference guide for the lookup of endocrinology-specific medical billing codes. With easy-to-use features, the app provides quick access to nearly 2,000 ICD-10-CM codes that are pertinent to endocrinology clinicians.

Instant Messaging Application made differently

Notes is a platform where teachers and parents help students by exchanging quick notes regarding their progress, school events and well-being.

Teachers use Notes to engage parents and students in daily activities. Share instant reminders, quick small notes and images with parents to keep them up-to date with their children’s progress and activities.

Mobile App for College Students

College Zone is a simple way for Students to stay connected with each other through interaction, sharing information, and sharing location about their surroundings.

It provides Students at the same school to help guide one another for a more enjoyable College experience. Simply register by selecting your school and entering your school email address and you’ll be able to:-Share your ratings and reviews at venues such as Bars, Clubs, and Restaurants.

Canopus pioneers in Hospitality Apps and Software Services

– Roxle brings the online experience to the physical world.

– Our team at Roxle works hard to make your life easier by providing you with the tools you need to facilitate your daily interaction with your favorite venues. Using Roxle is easy and intuitive:

Taxi booking Solution

Book your K Cars Taxi in as little as 5 seconds and receive priority service from the the premier Taxi company in Northampton.

You can see available vehicles on the map, together with an estimated time to get a driver straight to your current location.

Attendance App

– App allows users to log in and log out

– Reminders to login if not logged in at 12pm (must sign out)

– Reminders to logout if not logged out by 9pm


Campus Connect is a platform that allows any college to create a mobile community to enable deeper student engagement and communication within campus.