Big Data

For the growth of an organization, there’s an important concept which is termed as “Big Data”.Big data can be described as the collection of a large volume of data either structured or unstructured. For making decisions and strategy in a business organization data plays an important role. For the growth of an organization, the first thing that comes to mind is how it can be helpful? Big data has its own concept behind this which is the 3-V formula. The 3-V’s of big data are volume, variety, and velocity.
Volume is the amount of data which organizations collect through different sources like social media and used for planning and making a future strategy for the organization.
Variety refers to the variety of data in a structured or unstructured form that is collected through different sources like database or spreadsheets or through other sources like PDF’s, images, e-mails etc.
Velocity simply means that how fast the data is coming. For instance, if there are millions of pictures that are uploaded on social media every day, there may be a chance for data explosion. Therefore, big data helps to prevent this explosion and accepts the incoming data and process it so fast so that it avoids the chance of bottlenecks.
Not only in the IT industry but in present times big data seems to have in every industry like banking, education, healthcare etc. Big data helps the organization to meet and understand the requirements of its customers. Apart from this, big data techniques help to detect unwanted information which can lead to cause threat to the company.
We have an enormous expertise in handling big data and with our high-end GPUs, we can process the massive amount of data swiftly, and even deploy it on a large scale.